East Coast, East Coast by the way…

Watch Jhené Aiko, along side Jeff (her guitarist ) perform a beautiful acoustic version of “To Love & Die” for her MTV: Artist to Watch campaign, on top of a New York City with a beautiful sunset in the background.

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Anonymous asked:
Do you kiss thighs


Kiss, nibble, bite and suck hard and slow

Daenerys Targaryen meme + (2/7) quotes ► "I am not your little princess."



Its funny..Mark and Lark dated for like three years irl but it never had legs on the show

except for that one episode… and then they shut that shit down with a quickness.

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I just bought my Wonder Woman comic and these were the last two pages. Wonder woman makes me extremely happy.


Read each story here:http://vogue.cm/XSNWEq